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Your New Team

Expect professional work, joined up thinking, clear communication and optimised results
We will behave as part of your engineering department, going in depth to your problem and finding the optimal solution.

matereo jorge vieira

Jorge Vieira

BSc Civil Engineering
Jorge is our CEO, the man with the vision. Senior Engineer with 15yrs' experience in project implementation and management at both national and international levels. He makes sure your project is delivered on time and to your expectations.
matereo ricardo carmona

Ricardo Carmona

MSc Structural Mechanics
Ricardo has proven experience in special project execution and technical management at international level. Passionate about bridges and complex structures, Ricardo is our leading engineer. You can meet him in our office or surfing by the sea.​
matereo tiago cristovao

Tiago Cristóvão

MSc Mechanical Engineering
Tiago is our business developer. He is happiest talking about your new challenge. But you can also buy him a glass of wine while you listen to his Jazz band.
matereo - pedro lopes

Pedro Lopes

PhD Hydraulics Engineering
Pedro is our expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics for wind studies, HVAC, single phase hydrodynamics and turbulent free-surface flows. Ask him how the wind will afect you today and he will simulate it for you.
matereo - Melle Gruppelaar

Melle Gruppelaar

MSc Mechanical Engineering
Melle is our expert in Finite Element Methods for linear and non-linear metallic structures (steel and aluminium) and thermal behaviour of materials. He will simulate your structure, design your product and optimise it for production. He also manages the office playlist.
matereo - fernando ferreira

Fernando Ferreira

PhD Structural Engineering
An expert in structural dynamics, Fernando is our secret weapon for the most complex projects. He is a PhD in civil engineering and knowledge in structural stability, in particular for modular steel structures for buildings and hotels. Pay us a visit and you can also play chess with him.

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