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Structural Design & FEM Strength Analysis


At MATEREO, we believe that a performance based approach to any structural challenge is the only way to efficiently and safely develop solutions for complex buildings and structures.

Services & Benefits:

  • Structural design;
  • Structural steel joint design and optimisation;
  • Buckling, stability and damage analysis;
  • Seismic design;
  • Fatigue analysis;
  • Topology  and shape design.
  • Cost effective structures;
  • Increased structural efficiency;
  • Improved seismic behaviour;
  • Lifetime performance;
  • High quality control.



Structural Performance Improvement


Growing attention is currently being paid to the development of advanced materials and technologies for application to new and existing structures and equipment, with the aim of improving their performance.

Services & Benefits:

  • Advanced nonlinear FEA;
  • New structural materials;
  • Improvement of traditional structural material, through simulation;
  • Simulation and design of structural systems against blast, impact fire and explosion.
  • Improved response to service and extreme loads;
  • More efficient material selection;
  • Manufacturing cost saving.



Fluid Dynamics


We use sophisticated CFD simulations to understand the fluid dynamics either in air or water, or a combination of both. Simple or complex geometries can be studied with a steady-state or transient analysis.

Services & Benefits:

  • 2D and 3D models;
  • Aircraft wing & body analysis;
  • External vehicle aerodynamics;
  • Free surface flows analysis;
  • Mixtures simulation;
  • Water impact loading evaluation;
  • Reservoir filling analysis;
  • Performance evaluation of hydraulic and wind structures.
  • Cost reduction with prototypes development;
  • Better comprehension of flow characteristics (velocity, temperature, turbulence);
  • Shape optimisation.​



Airflow Modelling


In MATEREO, we use CFD in a way clients gain insight into their designs and projects  with regard to flow patterns and flow fields, temperature and humidity conditions, particulate dispersion characteristics and airborne chemical contaminates.

Services & Benefits:

  • 2D and 3D models;
  • Natural and forced ventilation;
  • Thermal comfort studies;
  • HVAC system performance optimisation;
  • Clean room simulation;
  • Pollutant dispersion;
  • Smoke evacuation study.
  • Improved comfort in buildings (velocity, temperature);
  • More efficient ventilation;
  • Higher energy savings;
  • Higher air quality control.​



Thermal Processes


The use of innovative Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies allows you to reduce drastically time required for process and product development.

Services & Benefits:

  • 2D and 3D models;
  • Heat transfer analysis;
  • Thermal loads assessment (convective and conductive);
  • Heat sink analysis;
  • Heat transfer analysis (solid-solid | solid-fluid);
  • Heat exchanger design and optimisation.
  • Decreased time-to-market;
  • Reduced production cost;
  • Reduced design cycle;
  • Virtual prototyping;
  • Root-cause investigation.​

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