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MATEREO is a young and ambitious engineering company established in 2014 that provides consultancy for structural design, fluid dynamics and thermal engineering. Our team is composed by structural and mechanical engineers with proven experience in project and product design, manufacturing and execution, using among other tools, numerical analysis with FEM (Finite Element Method) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). We believe that the best way to achieve results is by an integrated approach, ambition and predictability.



Conceptual Development

With our knowledge in solid and fluid mechanics, we can help you to develop new products and structures from scratch to industrialisation.



Numerical Simulation

Among other tools, we use Finite Element Methods and Fluid Dynamics to gain insights about the behaviour and interation of solids and fluids.



Design Optimisation

Combining expertise in Civil and Mechanical Engineering with the use of numerical tools, we can improve your process and design according to your needs.




Structural Engineering

Dynamic Analysis
Strength Analysis
Topology and Shape Design


Fluid Dynamics

Flow Analysis
Hydraulic Structures


Thermal Engineering

Thermal Analysis
Thermal Flow Simulations
Heat Transfer Optimisation

Working Methods

Taylored Engineering

Our core competence is in depth design and optimisation for the development of your projects and products. We perform structural design, manufacturing engineering and optimisation. We carry out our work integrated with costumers' needs and third party suppliers.

Consultancy Services

We can complete your team with high skilled analysis engineers and add extra competences. Our people are flexible, adaptable and communicative, as well as curious and motivated to work on new projects. We look at your project as our own.

Third Party Verification

Not only do we offer our own design capabilities, but we also regularly perform third party verification of designs or methodologies. Furthermore, we are experts in design optimisation, looking at alternatives to optimise your projects, reducing cost or increasing efficiency.

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